Window well covers
Finding easy way to install basement window well covers

basement window well covers to keep rain, children and animals away.

It depends on what we are looking for like type, service and price. It is not always the same, things are changing according to the time and situation. Basement window well covers are important for the building to have enough light and air. There are no wooden well covers nowadays. Many people use glass or plastic window well cover because it is easy to fix in every houses. Normal window well covers can provide light into dark cell, and it can provide air circulation in the basement. As basement can be your living rooms or space it need to meet exact requirement. In Asia some workers are living in the basement cell. It is important to install egress system well incase of emergency.

I just find out the best window well covers that provide all I need. What do I need exactly when I need to install, upgrade my basement.

  1.  Security of the basement
  2.  Air circulation
  3. Enough Light
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Protect rain and snow
  6. Can stand enough weight

That is basic thing I think about when it comes to install my basement window well.
There are well cover’s manufactures who provide all the detail information’s that I need. What I need is to give then the size of my well to make custom and design I like the rest they care it.

They have experiences about all construction and installation. It was exactly easy and their price is reasonable. After all I am glad that I basement is safe in this summer from getting rain.

Window well covers to have safety and modern life

Design for Glass window well coversInstalling window well covers in my new Bangalo!

The foundation of the window well is important in installing window well covers. Need to think about getting no water into the basement. Preventing water comming into the basement is depend on well construction and window well cover. Choosing the right well cover is not an easy part. First i need to find the right place for my well cover because i am thinking about doing myself.

Fixing a window well cover is moderately normal as I have experiences with construction and building a window well. I have the measurement of my basement well and i ordered custom window well cover that will fit in my Bangalo’s basement. During the raining season it can leak water from outside so it needs to be drained properly before installing window well. I just need to have the right direction how I can install it. According to the window well provider i do not need to worry about safety and security as it protect all kind of disturbance. Well cover provides natural sun light and keep animals and dirt away so all perfect.

My basement is not good for all kind of things. I am thinking one home theater and one small bar in it. I love my basement now and spanding my free time in my basement with friends.

No hussle for digging a hole twice the size and depth for window well. It is all ready made well cover and having enought day light during the day time. All the work are taking care by the construction company and i only need to show how i like with it.