Window well covers
Horse Summer Relaxing in the Basement

Never hard that how can a horse break into the glass window well covers. I do not believe that it can happen in real life. One of the homes in Elbert Country basement had a horse in the morning sunrise. When the owner was about to have the morning coffee, she heard the loud noise from the backside of her house and find trapped horse in her basement.

Actually she broke through the window well covers into the basement. It took more than 4 hours for the backhoe and personnel from road and bridge, who dig out the well, Fire Department and Sheriff’s Office.

First they tried to bring horse summer up from the basement stairs, but she was too big for the stairs way.  There was no walk out door in the basement installed that was why it was difficult to get her out of the basement. That is why they did around the second window well area and make a way for the horse. Removing the ground of the foundation and create maximum space to bring her.

It has been more than one month now when that happen, it was all over the new and tv spared out like the country news. I am very interested in the basement well cover’s new and technology. How to protect animals from falling into the basement wells is depend not how strong your well cover is. To protect this kind of occasion, we need to install quality basement well cover that can support heavy animal weight like horse and cow.

It is necessary to make the window well frame strong and cover up the well with basement well covers. Here you can find some quality custom well cover for your private use.

Window well covers new design for my basement

I just found out new window well covers design for my basement today and thinking to install it in my basement. But it is totally different from window egress or other window well covers type.  I think for my basement it is perfect as it provide all I need. What I care about well cover is provide enough light, circulation of air and design.

 I am not an experts for finding the best window well covers. Whatever it provides all the services I need then all is good.

  1. Window well has security system
  2. Protect rain and snow
  3. Can stand enough weight that people can walk on

These are primary part that I look when I need to install the new one.

Sometime I need to think it can also protect football or basketballs as my building close to sport field. Other than that I do not care

What it is made of plastic, wood or glass

It has how many years warranty or not

Does it has good shatter

Apart from that I care if the products have

  • functions that keep window well always clean
  • strong enough to walk on
  • weather uv resistance
  • provide enough light
  • suit for my window well size
  • price and service

After collecting all detail I find out the best solution for my basement and I install it four my new house.