Window well covers
The window well cover in the summer


Window well covers have to complete their tasks in each season. You find them where your basements is installed. It has more advantages than conventional gratings. Rattling noise when entering it and without an optical appealing design, conventional grating is a provisional solution. Its advantage is to prevent animals such as people from falling into the basement well. Such gratings are still no protection from water and dirt. Even bigger dirt like leaves find their way into the basement well.


As a result the basement well is full of dirt, water, dust and vermins. New window well covers are suitable for all basement wells. It does not matter how big the window well is, a special cover for it provides an effective protection from every dirt. There is no chance for vermins and dirt to fall into the window well such as water and leaves. You will benefit from such a cover not only in the summer to protect the window well from vermins and extreme solar radiation, but also in the autumn from leaves, in the winter from melting snow and in the spring from rain water.


It is made of weatherproof materials so it stays like it is for many years. It will be an increase of value for your house. It is highly robust and easy in mounting. You can even use it under a constant load, for example in the entrance. Your window well will stay clean and provide your basement an optimal circulation of air. So your basement can be used for living. You gain an extra room for hobbies, guests or domestic economy. Window well covers are demountable and easy to clean. They can be produced for any size, just like the customer prefer. It does not matter whether you have an old house or a new one. It also does not matter whether it is summer or winter. Window well covers can be mounted in every basement well and in every season.